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Emirates Luggage Allowance

Emirates Cabin Luggage Allowance:

Emirates allows passengers in Economy to take 1 carry on baggage up to 7kg and within the 55cm x 38cm x 20cm dimensions.

Business and First Class can take 1 standard hand luggage and 1 bag or briefcase of up to 45cm x 35cm x 20cm. Total weight must not exceed 12kg.

If you are travelling with an infant you are allowed an extra carry on bag up to 5kg and within the 55cm x 38cm x 20cm dimensions plus a collapsible stroller.

Emirates Checked In Baggage Allowance:

Economy travellers to any destination, except the US or Canada, can check in up to 30kg free of charge. Business and First Class can check in 40kg and 50kg respectively.

If you need to buy extra weight you can buy it in increments of 5kg at £140. If your bag is over the permitted weight you will be charged £35 per kilo at the airport.

If travelling with an infant, you can check in an extra bag up to 10kg and within the 55cm x 38cm x 20cm dimensions.

If flying to the US or Canada different allowances apply. Economy Class can check in to 2 bags of 23 kg each. Business and First Class are allowed 2 bags of 32kg each.

You can buy additional luggage for $140 per bag if purchased online or $175 at the airport.

Maximum dimensions permitted for baggage is 158cm per bag, or 273cm in total if checking in 2 bags.

Passengers carrying infants to the US or Canada are allowed an extra piece of 23kg not exceeding 115cm.

If you are travelling on a collapsible wheelchair Emirates will carry it in the hold free of charge.

Emirates Oversize Luggage:

Passengers with bicycles or skis can have it checked in as part of their baggage allowance, in some cases additional fees may apply.

Emirates will accept other sports equipment as part of your standard baggage as long as they are properly packed for air travel and they don’t exceed 300cm.

Travellers with a musical instrument can carry it as hand luggage in the cabin as long as it fits weight and size restrictions. You can also check it in as part of your baggage allowance or purchase an extra seat on the plane.

Last updated on 31/01/2012
cannot be liable to any change in the airline baggage policy made after the last update